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Email marketing is still the top method for your to communicate directly with customers. But, your customer's email inbox is busy and before they read your email they have to open it first. That's why an email subject line is so important. Here are 10 ideas to boost the open rates for your email marketing.

1. Ignite Their Interest

Do not tell them everything in the subject line. Spark their interest and make them want to open the email to discover more. Consider what they see when they receive your email and put the words in the right order so that they want to find out more.

2. Use Your Personality

Convey your personality into your email marketing. You need to stand out in that inbox and, if appropriate for your subscribers, write your subject line in the same way as you would if you were sending it to a friend.

3. Make Them Curious

If you know the audience you're sending emails to well, and you should, it should not be difficult to craft curiosity-seeking subjects for them.

4. Do not Be Too Smart

Be cautious about trying to be too smart with your email subject lines. If your reader feels fooled when they open the email, no matter how good your offer is, they will want to unsubscribe.

5. Use Keywords

Some people search their inbox using keywords so include relevant keywords in the email subject line. Plus, when the email comes in, the keyword will be immediately noticeable.

6. Personalize It

If you can use a person's name in the subject line they're going to be more likely to open the email.

7. Avoid Filler Words

You have very little space in the email subject line. Test different words to find out what works best for you. The general guideline is 1 to 7 words or less than 130 characters.

8. Name Drop

If you use a famous person's name, or the name of someone who your audience likes, it will help your open rate. But be mindful when doing this because you do not want the person's name you use to be angry, so make sure that it's all positive. It needs to be a win-win situation.

9. Include A Deadline

Using a deadline in the subject line will tempt your audience to open it. If you have a special offer that finishes in three days, say so in the subject line, but make sure you stick to it!

10. Ask A Question

If your audience sees a question that they want answered, they are going to want to open that email for the answer.


Source by Jon Allo

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