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Plain text mail can have no pictures, colors in the text, different types of fonts, hyperlinks or other graphics. It is for these reasons that plain text mail falls short of what is required for the sender to prepare a dressed up mail. HTML emails and newsletters more than ideally fills the void that is made by the lacking capabilities of plain text mail. When mails are prepared by senders, more often than not, they prefer to have at their disposal various features that will make the email more pleasing for the reader to view and more interactive for the reader as well. The HTML format gives senders the ability to express themselves by way of bulleted lists, encrypted texts, subscripts and superscripts, which all lend a helping hand to improve the readability of the mail. Many senders rely on these features when preparing mails to be sent out for the logical reason that they want their mails to look presentable enough so that the reader will give their mails a second look. The email should have some character so that the reader is more driven to read the mail. We can now enter the world of HTML email, which gives our emails the ability to advertise themselves sufficiently enough to warrant a better chance of a response.

To start with, we will look at the most basic advantages that HTML format has over plain text mailing. It enables us to use different colors, fonts, vary the type face size, and change the background which, as discussed earlier, plain text does not. This helps to make our emails more catchy and appealing yet not too ostentatious. In addition to enriching the text of the mail it helps us add sounds, movie clips, images and other features which definitely make the HTML email more fun and enjoyable to read and respond to. The use of multiple columns, graphics and different layouts give HTML newsletters the ability to grab the attention of the viewer. HTML email can use hyperlinks which allow the reader to go to various Internet sites to get more information than what is just given in the email itself. HTML email also has the advantage of offering marketing professionals a measuring tool. This enables them to see how many people have actually read the emails that have been sent by them and how many have clicked on the hyperlinks that were given in the emails. HTML email offers these wonderful capabilities which clearly optimize an email newsletter.

The debate about whether HTML email is preferred to text mail has been knocked about in different circles and Email marketing has been greatly ameliorated by HTML email. Emails that are used for the purpose of marketing products and conducting surveys among other things are just not as appropriate when sent in plain text format. Mails sent in HTML format receive a higher open rate because the senders can be creative with the body of the email. Email newsletters are gaining popularity and rightly so since they are cheaper to send principally because the sender incurs no print or mail costs. HTML email rather than plain text mail wins the battle here.HTML has won most of the time. Surveys show that HTML newsletters appeal to a greater number of readers than plain text newsletters. HTML format is here to stay and continues to do its job as the more capable cousin of plain text mail.


Source by Jamie Colbs

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