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Sales Lead Management is not a complicated process, but many marketers and companies are still making some major mistakes. Here are a few of the biggest mistakes commonly made in lead management, and how to avoid them:

Automated Consumer Relationship Management

With the influx of lead management software hitting the market, many business owners are cutting out their regular consumer relationship management practices. Big mistake: e-mail and automated marketing are no replacement for a one-on-one with consumers. You've unduly come across a customer service system that relates heavily on automation to speed up the process, but the end result is a frustrated consumer and the potential loss of a client. Those losses add up, and you're left with nothing to show for your lack of effort.

How To Avoid Making The Same Mistake

Never, ever, ever use e-mail or marketing software to replace your salespeople. Software is to be used in conjunction with salespeople, not instead of them. Focus on using electronic management methods as a way of boosting productivity, and managing leads more efficiently. Understanding from the beginning that management software is not to be used as a crutch will help you avoid the bad habits that others have developed.

Good Leads Mean An Easy Close

Not quite. A good lead means a good lead – and nothing else. While you are more likely to strike a deal with leads when you use the proper lead management techniques, it's not going to come easy, and it's not going to come quick. Many businesses plan ahead for an exorbitant amount of final sales when they implement new lead management techniques, only to fall flat on their face when reality sets in.

How To Avoid Making This Mistake

A good lead means a higher potential for a close, but do not expect to seal the deal in one phone call. The average lead takes as many as 10 contacts to close, and a good lead can usually close in as little as 5. It will still take an average of 30 days to finish the sale, so plan for at least a month for a total conversion .

Weak Leads Do not Need To Be Pursued

Okay, this one does have a little truth to it. The internet makes it all too easy to inquire about products or services that consumers have no real intention of pursuing. But solid lead management skills should help you weed out the flakes with ease. What's left behind are honest leads that may need a little extra working from your sales department. Do not lose out on the large opportunity these leads have to offer.

How To Avoid Making This Mistake

Remind your salespeople not to throw away a weaker lead just because it will require a few extra contacts on their part. Just because lead management has made the process of weeding out the good leads from the bad, does not mean they can only work the extremely good leads. Selling takes work, application of knowledge and nurturing, no matter how advanced our technology becomes.


Source by Paddu Govindaraj

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