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What is user-generated content? Social platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, flickr, Vimeo, travellistic, tripfilms and many more sites where the user is (mostly) responsible for generating the content in the site. But why is this important to the owners and managers of hotels, lodges, B & B's, tour operations, activities and attractions?

It is important because you should be encouraging your guests to share their videos and images about you across the entire web.

A great way to harness this powerful marketing opportunity for greater online reach is to let your guests know how important this is to you. Give them a letter when they check in, tell them that you encourage them to upload and share content ie their photo's and trip videos. If you have specific platforms or channels where you want to increase your awareness tell them and ask them for their assistance. For example you can set up a group in Flickr.com and ask that they add photos and videos of their stay or their vacation in to that group.

If you have a public computer available for guests then make sure there is a booklet of instructions on how to upload video or images into a selection of social sites. Most guests are more than happy to help they're usually only hesitant because they do not know how to do it. If you have a Facebook page then this is where you would direct your guests. Write out clear and concise instructions on how to upload their images or video and let them know they can do that from the hotel computer or once they get home.

Also, make sure you have all the written details on how to upload to any site you prefer in the compendium in each room; they may do it from their own computer in the privacy of their room.

Failing all of that when when your guests check out give them a 'Thank You for Staying' letter that also encourage them to assist in the promotion of your tourism business. This is not overkill, you do not know at what point the guest will read or take notice of this information. Finally, if necessary incentivize them.


Source by Angela Best

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