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Free Front Page Templates sound intriguing to the cash poor new Internet marketer. At first they can’t believe something that won’t cost a cent can be any good, and are waiting for the download button that will hit them up for a cost.

Online businesses that wish to succeed in this day and age all need traffic. With the competition snapping at your heals you need to have a twist to your marketing and that is what cost per action or CPA Internet marketing offers.

If you are not an IT whiz and not able to whip up a squeeze page in minutes you should be very interested in getting something for free that will allow you to get your front page up in moments.

For newer online marketers when the visitor comes to your site you have minutes to engage them before they click off your site to continue their search to find what they are looking for.

With free front-page templates you can engage your visitor if you have something that they are after. This could be either:

• Newsletter to give further information on what they are looking for

• An instructional video are huge and is perceived as valuable

• Have MP3 information for the visitor to download so the person can listen in the car, walking etc

• EBook

The squeeze page (or front page) will gather email addresses of the person visiting your site that will trade their details such as name and email address in order to get the info that you are offering.

The CPA offer will do the same thing for every time the visitor comes to your site and fills in the details you will get paid. The advertiser wants these details too as they also need the email address for further marketing.

This is a win win for all as the visitor will get further advice or info and you or the advertiser now have the email address that you will be able to market further products that the person maybe interested in.

If you only needed the email address you are now going to build up a rapport with this person, in fact you already know what they are interested in but you will give further free information to them over the next 2-3 emails. Building trust at this point is of utmost importance it is only when you have won the trust can you proceed to market to them.

Who would of thought that by using Free Front Page Templates could end up making you many dollars?


Source by Jenny H Jordan

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