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We all know about email marketing. It is a cost effective, powerful tool of direct marketing to sell your product, advertise your company or get new customers and so on. However email marketing in b2b is different from b2c. The main differences are as follows:

1. One of the largest difference is that in b2b, email campaigns have led to lead generation but not an immediate sale. In b2bc, a click can lead you to the home page, and then within minutes you reach the shopping cart, which is the prime objective. This is not so fast in B2B. There is always a time gap from click to sale in b2b. Often many months are required to close a sale on a lead collected through an email campaign. The mail must be combined with other communications both online and offline, sales representative's follow up, a PDF attachment with the mail, a face-to-face meeting etc.

2. In B2B email marketing, the target audience, for example, "you" offer valid information about your company. The B2B email marketer, will provide access to an informative and useful guide or white paper. In B2C, if the email recipient names name, mailing address and phone in response to a B2C promotion, it is evident that the product can be shipped immediately. In both cases, permission is important. In B2B information may be kept private but in B2B you have to be ready with your answer wherever to opt in or opt out.

3. In both b2b and b2c email marketing, you should write the subject line that define a compelling message for your target audience and deliver it in the right voice.

4. The number and quality of rental email lists available also donot match in B2B and B2B. The more targeted and less techie your audience, the less number of B2B lists exist. Here in the list you get detailed information about the prospect and his company, like size, annual revenue, job function etc. Out-of-date email addresses is a big problem in B2B than in B2C. The business email address is untraceable once that person leaves company A for company B if the return path is not mentioned.

5. The more interesting option is always B2B. It is more interesting than B2C. The step-by-step process of forcing a prospect down the path to close on the sale of an expensive product or service is complex. The retail sale is not very exciting.


Source by Rumani Phukan

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