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Use This Simple Email Marketing Tool In 2018

[ad_1] Years ago I wrote emails for a very high-ticket item. It was a six-month leadership-development program. How did I vary my thoughts from selling a single item to this classroom face-to-face ten subject course? Less than you might think. I had to start with five thoughts. I had to explain how this program was […]
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Email Marketing Practices For More Leads

[ad_1] You can under no circumstances have enough, leads that is. E-mail marketing may perfectly be considered one of the most standard or traditional tools in website marketing. But it still is one of the mainly effective ways for any marketer to gain leads and potential customers for their online businesses. Like most tools out […]
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How Can Email Marketing Help My Business?

[ad_1] You simply cannot have a good online marketing plan if you don’t involve yourself with email marketing. Email marketing, when done correctly, will enable your business to attract new customers, keep existing ones, upsell, cross-sell and cut costs. Let’s take a look at some of the specific ways that email marketing can help your […]
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8 Steps to Effective Email Marketing Content

[ad_1] Email marketing is rife. Everyone is doing it. Every day your inbox groans under the virtual weight of oodles of terrible email marketing. There’s everything from the brightly coloured and badly formatted ones from “SEO experts”, to the “I’m emailing following our earlier call” that never happened. Far from inspiring you to get in […]
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Can Social Media Replace Email Marketing?

[ad_1] “Now that we are doing good on social media, can’t we stop putting efforts on email marketing? This question has been asked several times, either on the internet or in some of our meetings. As a digital agency, it was somehow perceived as an insult, not to the team, nor the agency, but to […]
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Email Marketing, Know When and How to Contact Your Customers

[ad_1] Email marketing is a cost-effective solution. It allows taking quick action, assessing results and improving performance over time, even with little resource investment. Taking full advantage of email marketing is possible if your email has content to encourage subscribers and looks good to take action, besides the email should actually get delivered to your […]
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